.::Living flowers gallery::.

Living flowers gallery
Without words, without signs, without compulsion, without feelings
Arise your head and look
Use inner sight, take all
Maybe surprised chill of spirit monologue
Or living flowers gallery

You will see dark emboss arch
Perfect paint with misty river
Which The One made moving
And freedom of blurred colors

Its calyx full of blood
Its calyx full of ruby
Its calyx full of gold
Its darkness devour itself

And then, painting fade away and nightmares turn to silence
Keep picture of beauty with smile
And then, the red pilgrim hides his face
Lift up your head, look and marvel.


Life runs through...

Touches of the beginning
offer of a way to right ones
change given in changes
like beautiful blossom
grows to sweet fruit
breathing out after breathing in
like harvest of unripe
with big body
gatheredm digested or fallen
like bag trophy from white bones
life runs through life
we areÖ
we haveÖ

Now is dawning
rays of morning
garden welcomes day
I still hear you
Istill touch you-my voice fly
to stalks which border your body
to your body which sleeves hard night
to universe named by you
stop being just copy of sad life
sad turn to riches
wake just call you
turn , the gate is right there

I reached to you
to many times
you donít let me to miss sunrise
probably your gesture-after all
you are made by stone
maybe I talked to you through my eyes.

No man's town
Without help
No man īs town
With dropped head
Nothing town I pass
I feel only shadows,death bodies of last days
My eyes closed, desperate inside,
When I touch grey sight walls
I slowly fall through the dust of memories
And every crystal is trash
Like made of flame
Hold a brim
In hope I raise a head
To blind crowd of stolid statue
So a call down, hear something
So fall down, deeper
To the echo which burn me.

Follow copy
Are we follow copy?
chance for whom
-children, monsters
crowds of immortals
live cans
healing of sick
the sterile ones makes agreements
rich ones bribes immortality
scientist promises perfection
sects says-jesus was first
public shrinks of visionary
detect aging
fatal ilnessis
distortion unfeatured
and with dirty water
they will empty newborn baby
what to to with life of follow copy?
How much energy, how much ilumination?
Effort to tray be like god is maybe naive.

Past time
My mind had others borders
Anther desire, another direction
Body spoke other language
Still dreamed same dream
She lived a old manís life
Worried about future
Run away and waver through all invisible
I was a whirl, take in all which come
And left me somewhere in deep .
This id my has-been
Stony place at the end of field
Chill and grey water
Every day I have been touch by see
Twenty lives, one home, remember bridge, way away from home.
I was a hypnotic sleep
I am a morning born child, fascinated by darkness
Iím waiting, standing somewhere between
Iím smile, I hate
Iím dance for long song
We have melody, still changing.


© 2008 The Rays of the Sun & PRochy666. All rights reserved.